Building Confidence in every step of the consumer decision journey

It was a co-worker’s birthday. Therefore, I stopped by the local bakery to pick up something for the occasion. I stood in front of the display case, and it was impossible to make a decision. I was not 100% sure about her preference in sweets.

Should I get the cupcake?

What about the cannoli?

Or maybe a mini-cake?

Maybe chocolate?

There is that fancy pistachio flavor!

Perhaps a tart?

Paralyzed with decision, a bakery associate came and stood next to me.

“Considering something from the bakery?” he asked.

I shared with him the occasion and confessed my inability to make a decision. He offered his help to narrow the choice.

At that exact moment, I spotted the perfect choice. It was a personal size cake with white frosting and sprinkles on the side. It looked like a traditional birthday – but smaller. I thought that would be perfect choice. I indicated my interest, and the bakery associate immediately said that was what he was going to suggest.

His response solidified my decision and I made my purchase.

Interactions like this happens all the time, and it’s rarely recognized for its role in the purchase decision.

A simple interaction helped me go from paralyzed by the option to confidently making a purchase.

Our role as marketers is to help consumers move through each step of the consumer decision journey confidently.

What can you to to help your consumers improve their confidence in themselves?


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Photo credit: Ginny

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