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Business is ever changing, and the only way to build and grow a business is if we keep growing ourselves. This site is built by learners for learners. So, check out one of our On Demand course offerings. All courses are designed so you can learn at your own pace, at your own time. Knowledge is power. Enroll in a course and start building a more powerful business today!


Check out our complete course bundle tackling the basic principals of marketing. This course give you a quick win using the latest marketing hacks. This course gives unlimited access to 50+ video modules, covering topics including branding basics, target market definition, customer journey, and more.

BRANDING BASICS – via Skillshare Premium Membership

This was the course that started it all. Learn how to build a winning brand strategy in 3 easy steps! This was our first video course, and it was made available originally on Skillshare. It remains a popular course today. With a premium membership, you can access to this and other courses available on Skillshare – taught by business icons of today!

Check out our posts on our courses topics! Our video learning modules are designed to complement what you can read on these topics!

You may have a great idea for a business.  But a great idea doesn’t automatically mean there is a great business.  Because for every great idea, there are many more seemingly great idea that have flopped.  A great idea, even an idea that has a market, may fail if it ...
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Understanding path-to-purchase is vitally important to any product success. This gives you opportunities to better understand how to win consumers and also how you may lose them. While I don’t have any mind-reading techniques to share, there are ways to understand the inner thinking of a purchase decision. One way ...
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Persona is an effective tool to align your entire organization on the target market.  This alignment can drive more targeted content creation among team members.  This alignment can ensure that products are developed with the buyer in mind.  Personas can be shared via presentations.  Personas can be printed and hung onto ...
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Strong brands deliver value to the buyers.  However, in order to deliver value, you must first be relevant.  In order to create relevance, you must first make a connection.  In order to create a connection, you must first identify your target market.  Therefore, before you can begin to think about marketing or even before ...
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