Online Community

Join our group of like-minded business builders who wants to continue their learning journeys to grow their businesses.

As a group of business builders, we face similar issues that others may have solved. Let’s learn from each other’s successes and mistakes – and together, we can be more successful than we would be alone.

What are the Rules?

The rules for this community is simple…
1. Be kind.
2. Be helpful.
3. Be respectful.

What kind of group is this?

This is officially a Social Learning group. What is a Social Learning group? It is a group dedicated to learning and growing. Within the group, posts are organized in units aligned with specific learning topics. This way, older posts that are informative are much easier to find in the future.

As a Social Learning group, this group does not only provide a forum for us to interact with each other and learn from each other. This group also publishes training modules that continue to facilitate continued learning.

This is a community of learners looking to grow. We work hard to build an environment that promotes learning. Everything posted must have the intent to connect, inspire, and elevate each other! Join us!



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